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Functional / Sports

Apart from the regular fence usages, there are also several functional usages of fence systems predominantly in sports. The fence system varies according to sport to sport.


Chain Link systems are normally installed in almost all tennis courts. Care has to be taken to select the right chain link mesh size as in an incorrect size, the tennis ball can either pass through or can get stuck in the fence. Also the chain link installation also plays a very critical part as a poor installation can cause sags in the chain link over a period of time which can ruin the looks of the tennis court.



In Basketball courts, the fence system needs to have a significant height to disallow the ball from leaving to the court and also because the basket ball tends to significantly heavy compared to other sports ball, most fence system can end up having dents. Hence it is recommended to opt for welded mesh systems for the basketball courts. Apart from meeting the desired objectives, the welded mesh systems also tend to look very attractive.



INormally in Cricket stadiums, GI Chain Link Mesh is used to stop spectators from entering into the field. But in the case of cricket nets, HDPE nets are normally used. The quality of the nets should be good else the nets will end up having several holes as a result of constant contact with the ball.


A common mistake done during most football court installations is the usage of Chain Link Mesh particularly behind the goal post. When this is done, the fence suffers significant impact as the ball hits it with a lot of force and the subsequent result is that the whole fence system is weakened.

Hence it is always recommended to opt for HDPE Nets for football goal posts and sturdy welded mesh systems in the boundary section behind the goal post.