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Agricultural Land

In an agricultural land, it is of paramount importance to protect the crops as that is the final output of all the hard work and sweat put into the land. The usual problems faced by agriculturalists are grazing by domestic animals, crop damage by wild animals and theft by passers-by.

Whenever the issue is grazing by domestic animals, the best solution to go for is a 3x3 GI Chain Link on stone or concrete posts. This type of fence does not harm the animals and keep them away from coming near the crops. If you are looking for such fencing for agricultural land, Just Fence is the right place for you to place your fence orders. Get a variety of options in fencing to protect your agricultural land from animals and trespassers.

Vacant Land

In case of wild animals such as wild boars coming near the property, it is best to opt for a razor-wire fence mounted on stone or concrete pillars. In this type of an installation, the spacing of the razor wires has to be lesser in the bottom and should increase proportionately as it goes above. At Just Fence, we have high-quality razor wire fencing options that will ensure that your land is safe and secure. With years of experience in the fencing industry, we have successfully been able to be among the top agriculture fence manufacturers.

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If life-threatening wild animals are in the area, then the only option to go for would be electric fence which acts as a very strong deterrent to animals such as elephants, bisons, nilgai, leopards and tigers.

Vacant Land

In the case of human theft cases, it is best to go for a fencing that ends at an incline making it difficult for humans to climb and get inside the property. Razor wires or Concertina coils are recommended to be put on top of the fence to drastically reduce the chances of human trespassing. Also electric fence may also be used for the same.

Vacant Land

Just Fence has been in the market for a very long time. With customer satisfaction as our primary goal, we will offer our services and products at a very competitive price range.


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