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Expanded Metal Fence

If you are in search of versatile fence material with aesthetic value, expanded metal fencing is what you need. As metal cannot be cut and reconnected, it allows premium strength to your fencing solution. Just Fence is one of the leading manufacturers and contractors of expanded metal fencing. If you require high-quality fencing solution, you will find it at our store.

Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal

Expanded metal fencing is a necessary option for protecting privacy and security. They have several uses. Some of them include:

  • Railway partitions
  • Stair Railing
  • Building facades
  • Wall Height extension

This kind of fencing is known to offer premium security that is of high efficiency, aesthetic value and economic costing.

Expanded metal fencing can be of four major types:

  • Architectural Perimeter Fencing – This type is used for fencing industrial sites, residential buildings, farms, gardens, etc. It is designed in a way that it threatens trespassers and intruders. It can also provide quick surveillance when objects are thrown at them.
  • Snake Fencing – With the help of expanded metal, we produce snake fencing that comes with small opening holes for deterring the entrance of snakes in yards and storage. Apart from the material storage yards, it is used in industrial sites, pools, farms, and gardens.
  • Fencing for railway and highway – It is primarily used for protecting the pedestrians or vehicles or restricting access to roads, highways, or railroads in case of hazards.
  • Bannister Guard – It is used for preventing stairway falls and making it safer for people. Typical applications include stairwell, deck, corridor, and balcony.

The opening sizes of these fences will vary between 6 mm and 75 mm. The width can go up to 200 mm maximum. As the best expanded metal fence manufacturer, we offer customised solutions to our clients. We will take orders and make them according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Every client is known to have a unique set of needs and requirements. We keep that in mind and make sure that the expanded metal we offer is available in multiple color and aperture options. As client satisfaction is our primary goal, we do not compromise on any aspect of our work. Even when it comes to expanded metal fence installation and delivery, we will generally finish it in two or three weeks depending on the size and complexity of the area where fence is to come up.