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Electric Fence

If you are looking for a high-end fencing solution, you may want to consider an electric fence. It is probably an option that you should consider as the last resort because it requires some maintenance. If other fencing solutions are of no help, you may consider going for electric fence wire to protect your property. Electric fence is primarily used for keeping animals like monkeys, nilgai, and elephants away from the property.

It is also a solution that high-security facilities opt for in order to provide added security. Some of these places would include luxurious villas located in high crime areas, teak wood or sandalwood farms, and areas protecting assets of national strategic importance.

Electric Fence
Electric Fence
Electric Fence
Electric Fence
Electric Fence
Electric Fence
Electric Fence

If you are looking for electric fence supplies from a top-notch store, you will find it at Just Fence. We are one of the highly renowned stores in the country that provides the widest variety of electric fence solutions to customers.

The fence system that we offer uses a safety certified energiser to produce pulsated DC current that flows through the HT line wires that are supported by the GI posts. The electricity is generated by solar panels and stored using a battery unit.

Just Fence is one of the few companies that provide a wide range of electrical fencing options. With the years of experience, we have gathered in this industry, we deliver the absolute best in terms of service and products.

Our professionals are also highly trained and qualified to handle the intricacies involved in constructing an electric fence. We understand that every customer has different sets of needs and preferences and that each site is different. Keeping this in mind, we try to be as flexible as possible. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we ensure that by providing 24/7 customer care and also a responsive after sales service.

You can buy our electric fencing solutions for providing fool-proof security to various types of facilities. Some of them include:

  • Municipalities
  • Defence facilities
  • Power stations
  • High Value Farmlands
  • Gated Communities
  • Airports
  • Prisons

If quality is what you need, you will have it at Just Fence. Along with high-quality, we also deliver products at a reasonable price range. Choose Just Fence, and you won't be disappointed.