Your memories of barbed wire must be quite horrific as they are portrayed in movies. But quite contrary to that reputation, barbed wires are actually one of the most cost-effective ways to fence a piece of land and here is everything you need to know about this spiky hero:
Not many know that Lucien B. Smith in 1867 invented this humble wonder and subsequently patented it. The barbed wire has since come a long way and is a fencing staple nowadays.

Material of Barbed Wire

Barbed wires are usually made out of galvanized iron (GI) for the purpose of commercial use. The main advantage of using galvanized iron is that it does not shrink or crack and break easily under varying temperatures. This makes this perfect for arid areas where the temperatures fluctuate very frequently.

To tackle the issue of rusting and corrosion in areas of high humidity or prolonged monsoon the simple barbed was has been given a make-over. The barbed wire is coated with PVC Granules, which creates a plastic-like coating on top of the wire, which protects the metal inside from rusting and corrosion even under high humidity.

The third type of Barbed Wire fence is one that is made of a polymer wire with metal barbs. The advantage of a polymer barb wire is that the wire is all weather proof and also is less prone to thefts as the polymer wire attracts almost no resale value.

Cost of Barbed wires

The barbed wire fence cost depends on the type of materials that have been employed to make it as well as its thickness of the barb or wire, make of the wire and the gsm count of the zinc coating. Thicker the wire and thicker the zinc coating, the higher is the pricing.

In India, quality barbed wires start from around ₹2 per running feet for a 2mm Barbed Wire. The price goes up along the thickness of the wire and the zinc coating.

Installation of Barbed Wire Fence The barbed wire fence installation is the only difficult part about getting a barbed wire fence and should be left to professionals with experience. Usually, a sketch of the land and the fencing that is to be installed around it is made which acts as a plan during the installation. Measurements are made to decide how much wire is to be bought to cover the area sufficiently. The area where the fence is to be installed is cleaned and cleared, and then, the posts are placed. This part is crucial as the barbed wired once installed properly have a huge measure of tensions within them and only good post fixing can keep the fence together. Finally, the wires are fastened starting from the bottom using a barbed wire tightening machine and binding wires.

Benefits of barbed wire fence
 Barbed wires are quite reasonably priced making the cost of installing a fence out of them one of the most budget-friendly options.  The installation is quite quick as compared to say a traditional brick and concrete fence which may take even months to build.  They are super versatile. Now that you know everything there is to barbed wire fencing, it will definitely help you to make an informed decision about fencing your own land or property.