Paint can refresh an old fence or give a magnificently crisp finish to a new fence. Apart from its cosmetic effects, paint offers the fence with defence against multiple elements. But, fence painting is a time-consuming task, so it is vital to do it properly so that your work lasts for as long as possible. By preparing the area and the fence appropriately, using the correct tools and paint and applying your coats properly, you can make your fence look magnificent and decrease the possibility that it requires to be restored as well.

Listed below are the tips on how to paint a mesh fence

If you are painting fence, use a steel brush to get rid of loose paint and light areas of rust. In case, there are places that are much corroded, you can use naval jelly to melt the rust. Then sand the whole surface with medium-grit sandpaper.

After sanding, wash off deposit with a clean rag.

It is significant to wear breathing guard while getting the fence sanded. Choose a facemask that can defend you from the dirt you are making.

Use tape to keep paint off of any areas that should not be painted. This usually comprises things like gate latches, ornaments, and handles and other hardware.

While painting a fence, you should use exterior paint. These are treated specially to endure the effects of weather and come in a range of types

Acrylics: Acrylic paint is hard-wearing, offering an outstanding layer of defence for your fence, although you may have to apply a primer such as red oxide (for MS fence) or zinc chromite (For GI Mesh) to a raw surface prior to you can coat.

Oil-based outdoor paint: These paints may need numerous coats and may not defend in addition to acrylics, but they do offer a superior-looking finish.

For a long fence or a fence with several cut-outs or spots, use a sprayer as it will be tough for a brush to get into. If you have a lengthy fence, you most likely will want to use a sprayer since it will let you to complete the job fast. A sprayer is also good at getting into every gap, so use one if your fence has comprehensive scrolling work. On the other hand, if you have a smaller project, for example, a small section of fence, you almost certainly can end the work using a flat surface and roller a brush for comprehensive, within sections. Even if you choose for a sprayer or a roller, it is vital to keep a brush in arms reach. This will permit you to do any touch-up work that needs to be done right away.

These are some of the steps that you should follow when painting a mesh fence. It is always better to seek attention of the professional when getting such projects as they ensure that the carried out on time and that too in the best way possible. Moreover, depending on the type of fence that you are using, they can even suggest you some tips on how to keep the fence look perfect for years.