When you buy a property, one of the important aspects to look into, is fencing it. Fencing is important as it provides privacy and a sense of security. Fences come in different designs, shapes, colours and are made up of a variety of materials like bricks, chain link, barbed wire, wood, aluminium and many more. If maintained properly these fences can protect you from the forces of nature. Sometimes fences are installed to give an aesthetic value to the property. One such type of fencing is compound wall fencing . There are many types of compound wall based on the construction material used and its appearance. Below we give you an insight on things you should know about compound wall and its different types.

Masonry compound wall - The construction materials used to make masonry compound walls are red clay bricks, ash bricks, steel and cement mortar. This type of compound wall is erected from 2ft below the ground level so that the wall is strongly rooted. Most masonry compound walls are constructed for housing purpose and they are generally 5ft to 6ft tall, having a thickness of 150mm.masonry compound walls are usually used in residential complexes to add an aesthetic beauty.

Ornamental compound wall - Similar to a masonry walls, ornamental compound walls include MS grills/SS grills in its construction. A masonry wall is first erected and then above the wall grills are fixed as per the security requirements of the owners. This type of wall is constructed for safety as well as to beautify the property surroundings. The cost depends on the type and design of the grill you choose.

Cladding compound wall - This type of compound wall is constructed by first making a masonry wall. Then cladding materials like vitreous tiles and marbles are fixed over the wall. These types of compound walls are usually done for high class luxurious bungalows to give an aesthetic appeal to it. The cost of cladding compound walls varies based on the type of cladding materials used and its installation charges.

Precast compound wall - These types of compound walls are made in the factory and transported to the site where it has to be installed. They are easy to install and takes less time to get completed as compared to other walls. The design and customization determines the cost of a precast compound wall.

Security compound walls - As the name suggests, these types of compound walls are constructed at places requiring top security like military camps, government offices and police booths. A masonry wall as high as 7ft is built so that no one can climb onto it. Above the wall, a concertina coil fencing or barbed wire fencing is done. In some cases these fences are electrified to prevent infiltration.

Now that you know about the compound wall designs and types you can select the compound wall fencing for your property and call over friends and family for barbecue in your bungalows backyard without strangers looking at it and invading your privacy.