Whether you want to enjoy a Sunday barbeque with your favourite people or unwind with a glass of your favourite cocktail after a busy day, there is no better place than a pool. A backyard pool is a dream for everyone and for good reasons. However, the dream can turn into a nightmare if there is no swimming pool fencing around the pool to keep your kids away from a potential mishap or the sneaky strays from taking a summer dip to cool off. So, if you have a swimming pool, then, fencing around it is absolutely unavoidable, and here is what you must consider before investing in the fence.

1. Budget

The first step to this project should be deciding on the budget you can allow yourself to spend on the fencing. Remember that quality does come with a price tag, but you can definitely avoid splurging. You just need to find the right contractor for the charge who will give you a reasonable price.

You budget should also depend on the area around the swimming pool that needs to be covered. Going for chain link, expanded metal or welded mesh fences are the most budget friendly options for larger areas.

2. Climate

In areas with high humidity or frequent rainfall, going for plastic mesh is a good idea. However, keep in mind that they are not going to be as strong as metal, so it is only advisable for pools within the perimeter of your home where you already have another solid fence for extra protection. Plastic mesh is also available in very beautiful vivid colours and designs. Lattice trellis fences are also a great idea when it comes to beat the weather and add a shield of privacy. If you want the metal fencing to survive in the moist climate, then putting on a simple coat of weather-proof paint is an easy hack or you canopt for the convenient PVC coated chain link.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Designer panels are a thing of beauty, and if you are looking for stunning looks, then there is nothing better than these. But if you are looking for a budget option, then chain link or expanded metal fences are worth checking out. You can easily make them look pretty with a coat of a beautiful colour or have a graffiti drawn on it. Wrapping vines can also be a beautiful way to decorate mesh fences.

4. Durability

When it comes to the durability of fences, nothing can beat the strength of metal. PVC coated chain link are invincible even with moisture as the coating keeps the metal inside completely protected.

5. Security

If you are looking for high security, then welded mesh fence tops our list. They are made of thick wires, and as the thickness of the wire is increased, so does the difficulty to breach through them.

The best part about these wires is that you can check them out and find details about them online. Online stores like JustFence will not only help you make the right decision but also conduct swimming pool fence installation with their trustworthy products.