Fencing is important to protect your property or premise from encroachment from strangers and animals. If there is no demarcation line of a property, anybody can claim it to be theirs and a legal battle may start. In order to avoid all these complications, it is best to fence your property or region. The fence types differ in shapes, size, color, design, and layout. There are many different ways of fencing your property. You can simply get a brick wall constructed or use the more modern techniques of fencing like concertina coil fencing or barbed wire fencing. Below we look at the five uses of barbed wire fencing.

Retention - What is important to know about barbed wire is that it contains razor-sharp edges which confine the prisoners to the prison and prevent them from fleeing. If they choose to escape they may injure themselves and bleed profusely which can even cause death. So, one of the most important reasons to use barbed wire fencing is for containment. The barbed wire is also used in fencing agricultural plots and farms. It prevents animals on the farm from escaping and thereby preventing the farmer from making a loss. In some cases, barbed wires are electrified to make breaking away an impossible task.

Protection - Barbed wire fencing can be used in broad areas like extensive agricultural plots or residential complexes. It protects the land from encroachment from animals that would destroy the crops thereby saving the farmer from loss and damage of property. Your flowers are safe from animals even during night time if your plot is fenced during barbed wire.

Division - One thing that you should know about barbed wire is that barbed wire fencing is a good way to segregate lands and keep them free from possession disputes. No one can claim the land to be theirs if each plot is demarcated by barbed wire fencing. Barbed wire fencing prevents from illegal territorial expansion or illegal possession of territories.

Deterrents - If the owner wants to protect his/her valuable assets it is recommended to fence the property by using barbed wire. Barbed wire is not expensive and is easily available in the market. Your property remains free from the theft of any kind, thereby assuring you of complete safety. The people are prevented from accessing the rail tracks by fencing the railways all along with the barbed wire. Many multinational companies and organizations make a barbed wire fencing all around to protect it from thefts.

Army - Barbed wire fences are popular in the army cantonment area and military camps. Training grounds for army men use barbed wire fencing. They can also be used in group training exercises as a way to increase trust and confidence among troops. The gi wire weight chart. tells you the specifications of each type of barbed wire.

Barbed wire fencing is one of the most preferred types of fencing as it ensures full safety and privacy to the owners without having to worry about anyone invading their privacy.