From residential to commercial ventures, compound wall is an essential part of each construction. When catering as segregate of the border of the building, a compound wall also acts as the primary layer of protection from intruders. As per the precast compound wall contractor , there are diverse kinds of compound walls on the basis of appearance and construction material used.

•Ornamental Compound Wall

•Masonry Compound Wall

•Precast Compound Wall

•Cladding Compound Wall

•Security Compound Wall

How much does it cost to build a compound wall?

If you are building a compound wall you would certainly need people who built such walls and deal in building structural services.

Tips on how to calculate compound wall construction cost

•Precast compound wall

These walls are built in several places as they are simpler to install and can be raised right away within a short time. Most of the people who build precast compound wall do not actually offer an adequate foundation to the structure and the wall. Precast compound walls are made in factory and then transported to the site. The overall costs of such walls are quite economical; however, it depends on design and customization. The cost usually begins from Rs.60 per sqft. This cost is charged by the maker and it does not comprise the painting the gate, foundation cost and other finishing touches.

•Masonry Compound Wall

These walls are typically made using cement mortar, red clay bricks, steel, and fly ash bricks. Masonry compound wall is usually built around residential buildings averages to Rs.1200/sqft with an eight feet wide MS Gate in the front part. The cost varies by plus or minus ten percent.

•Ornamental compound wall

Ornamental walls unite masonry wall and MS grill. In this kind of compound wall around three to five feet, masonry wall is constructed with cement plaster and paint is applied on it. The average cost of building masonry wall up to 3 feet and a 2.5 feet grill would approximately cost Rs. 1400 per running feet including eight feet wide MS gate.

•Security compound wall

These types of walls are made in government offices, police or military base as they face security concerns. These walls have a height of more than seven feet so that people are not capable to climb it over without difficulty. Usually, a concertina coil or MS barbed wire fence is used over the masonry wall. If the area needs extreme security the fence will be electrified to prevent anyone coming within the premises.

•Cladding Compound Wall

In such types of walls cladding materials such as marbles, vitreous tiles, shera panels, etc. are used. They are fixed over distinctive masonry wall giving an aesthetic appeal to it. These compound walls are typically done for high end bungalows. The price of a cladded compound wall would be equal to the cost of masonary compound wall along with the rate of supply and installation of the cladding materials that is fixed on it. As the cost of cladding material differs to a great extent, the precise costing can only be determined after the kind of cladding material is finalized.