If you happen to own a lush green tennis court or a freshly painted basketball court in your community, then, enhancing its appeal and maintaining its security should be your top priority. Chain link fence for tennis court and basketball court happens to be the trending choice of fencing for most and for good reason. So, we are here to discuss those reasons that make this beauty such a fan favourite.

1. Strong security
Chain Link fencing is a hard nut to crack for trespassers in the sports arena. The metal is obviously super strong and the fencing is usually kept tall to prevent people from climbing over it. This is also a great way to combat the nuisance of vandalism in the court.

2. Keeps the ball in
Be it tennis or basketball, one enthusiastic hit from a robust player can send the ball flying miles away. This can bring an exciting game to an unexpected halt. Thus, a chain link fence for basketball court or tennis court is an absolute necessity to keep the ball from rolling outside the court. And, the fence is strong enough to endure the impact of the flying ball.

3. Durable
In a tropical climate like India where the humidity is always on the higher end of the scale, metal fencing like chain linkcan get corroded. However, now that you have PVC coated chain link available in the country, you may put those worries to the grave. While the metal gives it the herculean strength, the coating on it prevents moisture from seeping through and rusting the metal.

4. Open view for the spectators
A game of tennis or basketball is not half as fun without a cheering crowd lifting the spirits of their favourite team. A chain link fence allows the spectators to have a clear view of the game and also protects them from getting hit by a speeding ball.

5. Keeps the area lit
Chain link fence has bog perforations in them which do not block even the slightest bit of light from penetrating into the field. This not only keeps the area well-lit for the players and spectators but also keeps the grass on a tennis court lush by giving it enough light to feed on.

6. Keeps the strays out
You do not want your lush green court get dug by a raccoon or the concrete floor be littered with dog poop when an excited bunch of people come to play their game. A well installed chain link fence can take care of the issue very easily.

7. Easy to maintain
There is not much to worry about when it comes to the maintenance of these fences. All you need is some soapy water to wash off dust and debris every now and then and a fresh paint job every couple of years. If you get PVC coated chain mail then even the painting can be avoided.

8. Hassle-free availability
You can find trustworthy chain link fence manufacturer online who will not only provide you with quality products but also make a perfect installation.

So, now that you know what is best for your court,contact us at JustFence to get the job done.