Whether you want to secure a community playground or your home garden chain link fence pops up as a frequent suggestion by experts. Let’s decode 6 reasons that make this bad boy such a fan favourite.

1. Super Budget-friendly
Chain link fences are among one of the most budget friendly options when it comes to the fencing scene. This is exactly what makes it such a perfect choice for larger areas like public gardens, homes with a huge yard. Even though it is so easy in the pocket, it still does not compromise on reliability.

2. Strong and Durable
Most of these beauties are built out of really strong metal like iron or steel which imparts herculean strength into the fencing. They can withstand string winds, storms, pet attacks and much more with ease. However, a lot of homeowners worry about chain link fencing getting weaker with rust in a climate with high humidity. Thanks to smart designer minds that have come up with a very smart solution to this common problem – Vinyl coated chain link mail. The metal is of the chain link fence is enveloped in a protective covering of vinyl which does not allow moisture tocome in contact with the metal within. Thus, keeping rusting at bay and enhancing its durability.

3. Low Maintenance
When you invest in chain link fences, it is a onetime investment because their maintenance will not only cost you almost nothing but also absolutely hassle free. The most one has to do is give the fence a good spring of water to wash off the surface dirt and cob webs to reveal the beauty that lies beneath. An occasional paint job with waterproof paint can give a whole new appearance to your fence giving it new life.

4. Aesthetic Appeal
Chain link fence come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but what remains constant is their signature mesh look that does not block the view. So, whether it is a super exciting game of cricket or the beautiful winter blooms of your garden, it will be on full display to spectators. It can also be decorated very well for special occasions by wrapping fairy lights in a jiffy. One can also use climbers and vines to create beautiful patterns on the fencing as a part of their garden.

5. Easy Availability
With the blessing of the internet you can now find chain link fence manufacturers in India with just a few clicks and taps on your computer or smartphone. You can browse through their products and gallery while enjoying your cuppa. It is also easier to find a reliable manufacturer online because the internet is an open book. So, you can read review and opinions of pervious customers with the manufacturer.

6. Quick Installation There is no need for the concrete to set or wood to polish with chain link fence. Thus, the entire installation process can be completed in a whirlwind. So, in case you are looking for a fast solution for your privacy then look no further than chain link fence.