Vacant land is an open invitation for trespassers, land grabbers, and garbage dumpers. Leave the newly bought vacant property unattended for even a day and it becomes a nightmare. One of the simplest ways to ramp up the empty property security is by the use of fencing. Let’s discuss a few simple yet effective tips and tricks to protect your vacant land.

1.Barbed wire fencing

Invest in a quality fencing to ward of uninvited visitors. One of the most budget-friendly options is barbed wire fencing with super strong 5’’x 5’’ cement posts to hold up the wires. The sharp barbs sticking out of the wire fencing acts as a warning sign for encroachers to trespass and also makes a clear demarcation of the land owned by you.

2.Chain link fencing

Tricky encroachers can often bend the barb wire fence and squeeze themselves into your property. Your vacant land can become a ground for illegal trade and a safe haven for drug addicts and drunks. To avoid such a messy situation, you would need something stronger than barbed wire. The answer lies in chain link fencing, which is very strong and cannot be penetrated easily. You can opt for PVC coated chainmail fencing if you are worried about rusting in the high humid conditions of the Indian tropical climate. The coating protects the strong wire inside it from environmental damage.

Chainlink as well as barbed wire fencing are a good option for vacant areas because they do not hide it from public view. So, people have to think twice to do mischievous activities in a vacant land guarded by wire fencing.

3.Galvalume Sheets

Many a time when your property value becomes high over a period of time, it is better to opt for a fencing through which people will not be able to see inside. A property that is easily visible can act as an open invitation for intruders to come inside the property. One of the privacy fence option that can be installed are Galvalume Sheets. They come in 1 metre panels and any height can be customised. Installing such panels helps people from looking inside the property thus warding off any evil intentions of intruders & encroachers.

4.Precast Walls

When your property values becomes high, a privacy fence such as Galvalume sheets is mandatory. But there is a possibility that the Galvalume sheets can get stolen as metal has a good resale value. Hence it is better to opt for precast walls as they are heavy and are made of concrete which has little resale value. Also precast walls are quite cost effective and faster to install compared to building a regular compound wall.

5.Brick or Stone Masonry Compound Wall

If budget is not an issue, then you should consider going for a conventional compound wall made out of hollow bricks or stones. The advantage of building a stone masonry compound wall is that it is quite thick and looks very unscalable. Also most walls when constructed properly have a good life lasting a few decades. Compound walls can also be made of hollow bricks but a lot of care has to be taken to ensure that the construction is done properly by a professional contractor or else they can fall off incase of heavy rains and winds.