A commercial space should ideally be a haven for sensitive information, expensive machinery, fancy electronics, valuable goods and the dedicated employees. There should be impeccable security guarding these elements of a successful business at all times, all year round. If improving office security is at the top of your priorities, then here is how you should be approaching your goal.

1. Make your fencing impenetrable

No, you do not have to waste money on building a mini Wall of China on the perimeters of your commercial space. Factories, manufacturing plants, airports or larger spaces can benefit from quality concertina coils and classic razor wires. Contact a reputed company that will line the perimeter of the factory with chain link fence of the highest grade. The concertina or razor wire will crown the chain link fence and resolve the issue of human trespassing quite effectively. Apart from that, razor wire fence installation is also quite budget-friendly even if you are dealing with very large spaces.

2. Consider electrical fence to ward off intruders

This is especially an important if your commercial space happens to be set near the woods or in an extremely high crime area. Wild animals & planned robberies can wreak havoc to your facility. Don’t think the electrical shock from these fences can cause immense harm to the animal. They work more like psychological deterrents for animals and signal them to stay away by causing mild discomfort when they touch the wire for a brief period. This type of fencing is also great for spaces with deal with commercial livestock.

3. Install locks

Quite a simple tip sounds like, doesn’t it? But if you check your office space, you are sure to find a number of drawers or cupboards in various workstations without locks or with locks that are not functioning. So, replace the locks or install new ones in those that don’t have locks.

4. Employ a workplace safety coordinator

Vest the responsibility of checking all the security system on this person. They should be responsible to keep a check and maintain the security system of the office by conducting regular safety audits. Whether it’s a broken lock or the fencing wiring that requires repair, it should be their responsibility to look after it. They should also be the one to handle keys of all the locks effectively. He or she should also be interacting with the building security team and managing security improvements on regular intervals.

5. Screen your employees

It is of utmost importance to conduct a thorough background check of the employees you choose to make a part of your office family. You should also ask for certificates and documents that will serve as a legitimate proof of their addresses. An employee with a clean criminal record is just the beginning. Have a dedicated team who can have a word with the potential hire’s previous employers or school to get any hint of previous tendency of theft or inappropriate behaviour.

Now that you know these simple ways on how to improve office security, it is time to get working to get the needful done. Remember caution is better than cure when it comes to the security of your office.