This was the problem statement that got us to start JustFence. Whenever we travel on a highway or a train or take-off from an airplane and we look outside the window, all we see is acres and acres of land without any fence protection.

When a land is unfenced, it can lead to several problems such as

  1. Encroachment by neighbours
  2. Trespassing and theft by criminals
  3. Illegal occupation by miscreants
  4. Property damage by Domestic & Wild Animals

All these issues can lead to undue stress for property owners and in many cases end up in court litigation which can be a very time consuming and expensive affair.

To provide peace of mind to property owners, a small but dedicated group of individuals got together to start - JustFence, a portal that offers A to Z solutions with regards to property fencing. Our aim is to help property owners to be relaxed with regards to the perimeter security of their property.

Our vision is to Become the World’s #1 Perimeter Security Company and we are on a mission to Fence The World.